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Waste oil Feasibility Analysis Report

First, the project viable scientific basis
    Our company is committed waste oil refining gasoline , diesel and engine oil regeneration over ten years professional research base oil , waste oil refining recycling plant ( previously known as ECOTECH) is a kind of high-temperature pyrolysis oil to convert it to become No. 0 diesel (or similar to the natural diesel fuel oil ) a technology, technology is the most important component of the pyrolysis furnace in a group , a rectifier , and a set of high-pressure air-cooled condenser , so that waste oil refining waste oil regeneration technology can 85% to 95 % of the hydrocarbons separated ; since cracking furnace operating temperature and process exactly with the refinery crude distillation tower Topping Process steam is separated from the diesel oil manufacturing process is very similar, the isolated product whose quality and No. 0 diesel oil is also very similar. Another major impact of the project to solve the efficient development of the three major difficulties , namely: Quality - Scale - effectiveness ; Therefore, in the country is necessary to do this project : first , to establish a unique quality assurance system, successfully developed its own pyrolysis of waste lubricating oil designed for hydrogenation refining agent , catalyst, prepared a special catalyst , bleaching agents, deodorant production line, forming styling products . Second, to determine - the most economical scale of investment to the country's urban and rural waste oil diffusion density determination lowest cost of collection, transportation , science and design of Nissan 's best five tons of diesel plant scale , all-day production of its equipment , closed clean running oil-producing fast, good quality oil , the oil has a strong outbreak , fire resistant characteristics. The oil conversion rate of 75-90 %, 1 ton of waste oil can produce 1600-1800 pounds of diesel fuel, and 100 pounds of natural gas as a fuel in the furnace burned or recycled , producing no secondary pollution. The turning waste into treasure waste oil technology that solve the environmental pollution and the development of new sources of energy , their social benefits far greater than the economic benefits. Regeneration of waste oil is an environmentally friendly high-tech industry , because of its significant economic benefits , and the end products with high added value , the end product sales easier , in principle , as long as the technology used correctly, no matter where they were all very invest and build factories forward-looking and is highly profitable sectors . According to incomplete statistics , China's daily oil production of around 10 million tonnes of waste oil , the output is so large, and the recovery rate is very low , the development prospects of the use of oil in the production of diesel broad , rich in resources , but also the state support object , and the production process is simple, easy to master technology , intuitive and strong , suitable for factories , collective and individual production operations. SEPA will oil the 21st century as the primary control in the field of environmental protection is one of the three priorities , waste oil will be the 21st century the most potential for development of new industries. Third, consummate technology , business methods to be unique, low cost, high efficiency operation , ensure that the project profitable .
Second, atmospheric and vacuum catalytic conversion of hydrogen "new technology features.
    Now, around the oil refining generally use a fixed or horizontal furnaces and furnace atmospheric evaporative very original production process and the use of single-effect that is inefficient reaction vessel surface heating method . The old process : First, the reaction efficiency is too low, because only the bottom of the furnace heat, thermal heat exchanger that is too low , resulting in high energy consumption . Second, the conversion rate is low, poor quality oil . Mainly the lack of efficient catalysts counterparts , that is, only a simple thermal cracking , catalytic cracking is not advanced . Only a waste of resources, but the heavy component that is too heavy oils , waxes higher raw material for absolutely no good legal system of a low oil minus sign , generally produces only about 10-20 No. diesel , stability is poor, poor color , viscosity, gum and more, which does not contain a lot of oil and gas oil cracking , other indicators can not be reached. At most only as the poor quality of industrial fuel oil hot season , if used for power , causing great harm , this is the biggest drawbacks. This project is mainly technical in that: simply change the traditional material for the catalytic cracking distillation ; change without hydrogen conventional reaction is hydrogen conversion reaction ; modified high temperature catalytic cracking of vacuum ; modified single-effect evaporator for the double -effect distillation ; change the oil as a mixture of good diesel catalysts modified with additives such as modified and integrated to form environmental protection , energy saving, safe new volatile distillation process . Process schematic :
Material → Low-Temperature Catalytic ( hydrogenation conversion agent , a catalyst ) → → controlling temperature and pressure distillate oil refining ( additive ) → Filter → products.
    Production of raw materials for the waste oil, transformer oil, automotive gear oil , automotive waste oil, waste plastic oil, tire oil, coal tar and other industrial waste most of waste oils. Per ton of waste oil production 75% -90 % of the lowest finished diesel conversion calculations, cost accounting should be based on local circumstances.
Third, the annual output of 1,500 tons of refined oil economic analysis
  A ton of refined oil economic analysis
 ( 1 ) the cost of production
    Waste oil 6 tons 24,000 RMB
Catalyst 50kg 720RMB
Coal 500kg 400RMB
96 degrees 96 RMB electricity
Wages 2 × 50 RMB / 1 day = 100 RMB
Equipment 10 RMB
    6 tons of waste oil Total cost : 25,326 RMB
( 2 ) Sales
    Diesel 6 t * 85 % * 300 days ( calculated at 85% ) × 6.50 RMB/ kg = 9945000 RMB
( 3 ) cost of oil per day
    Sales income of 600 * ( calculated at 85% ) * 6.5 RMB / ton = 33,150 RMB
Production costs 25,326 RMB
33150-25326 = 7824.00 RMB profit
 2, the annual output of 1,500 tons of refined oil economic
    7824.00 RMB * 300 = 2,347,200 RMB
Fourth, waste plastic refinery production flow chart
    Material → Low-Temperature Catalytic ( hydrogenation conversion agent , a catalyst ) → → controlling temperature and pressure distillate oil refining ( additive ) → Filter → products.
Five , waste oil refining equipment and investment supporting body
1 , high pressure catalytic cracker 5-10 t / a Taiwan
2 , the catalytic column 1
3 , the exhaust gas recovery system
4 , a condenser system
5 , the filter purification tank 1
6 , oil and gas separator ( one sets )
7, the gas collecting tank ,
8 , diesel oil collecting tank ,
9 , flue dust removal system
Above the main equipment investment is about 10 million full-
Six , facilities and investment
    1, the field of 500 - 2000 square meters
    2 , brick , steel , asbestos shed 500 square meters
3 , laboratories , offices, distribution room , guard room ,
4 , gates, two , walls
5 , cement pool 500 m
6,10 tons / day wells, water supply and drainage water tower
8 , fire equipment
9 , male and female toilets
These facilities , site fees are not counted , about a budget of 100,000 RMB investment .
Seven , fire protection, environmental protection and waste treatment
    Since flammable petroleum products , production processes have a small amount of exhaust gas , fire safety is very important , the venue is not easy to choose in the downtown area , convenient transportation, water and power supply , and the fire department after approval to build factories . Ancillary equipment must use in explosion-proof switch , explosion-proof motor , explosion-proof lamps , must not neglect to save investment safety . Production workshop and depot within 20 meters of smoking. To carry out regular safety education for workers , in strict accordance with the rules and operations , workshop and factory area non-smoking and other open flames , cut into the plant shown with fire .
    The project in the production process , pour point lower than 60 ° C can not restore some of combustible gas into gasoline and diesel , is not worth the increase due to a small amount of liquefied gas devices in emptying spout ignition burned ; This product essentially free water discharge . Waste oil in the water will produce a small amount of acidic waste water , can be used after discharge or caustic soda and concentrated hydrochloric acid to be recycled into industrial ; production of coke residue discharged bricks that can be done , can be sold as raw material Tanchang , also due to less landfilled.
Eight , technical standards
    0 # diesel diesel standards or close some indicators above 0 # standards. Flash point ≥ 30 ° C -65 ° C
Nine , the payback period to close
    Annual output of 1,500 tons of refined oil factories , capital invested 200,000 - $ 300,000. The project is the former State green projects , policy tax-free . The project annual tax annual profit 2,347,200 RMB RMB, annual production of ten months of accounting, production without three months to recover the full investment should be a good entry -effective

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