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Waste plastic fuel oil extracted a feasibility analysis

Waste plastic fuel oil extracted a feasibility analysis 
project development along with the historical background and significance of the rapid development of the plastics industry , plastics applications are increasingly widespread, has penetrated into all areas of the national economy and people's daily lives . It can be said without any kind of other materials like plastic so widely used. Plastic with its own unique properties , such as light weight, high strength, easy processing , excellent electrical insulation, thermal insulation and chemical corrosion inside , etc., have become the backbone of modern industrial materials , one to play in the national economy an increasingly important role. However , because of some excellent performance plastic , causing it after use ( or called post-consumer ) waste non-perishable , over time , seriously affecting the Earth's ecological environment has caused great concern to the world . The total amount of the current global plastics already exceed 100 million tons , China's plastic products are also nearly a thousand tons, and the annual growth rate of 13% has been rapid growth in the amount of waste plastics will also be rapid growth , the environment and development of the conflict will be more and more prominent, and thus the plastic waste management has become available without delay . Plastic waste treatment method is the easiest and simple incineration landfill . Landfill needs to take up a lot of valuable land resources, but also pollute the surrounding environment and groundwater systems : Simple incineration emissions of harmful gases and residues will , and because the combustion of waste plastics can not be recycled is to generate a lot of heat of combustion caused a huge waste of energy , both non- good policy. Therefore, how to deal with plastic waste , has become common around the world and all levels of government research and concern. Since the 1990s the country will waste plastic into fuel oil research began to receive widespread attention. Japan 's Mitsubishi Heavy Industries developed fuel production process decomposition tank waste plastics first broken into a certain size , and dried by the hopper into the molten bath ( 300-350 degrees C ) melting , and then into the slot for the decomposition of 400-500 degrees Celsius slow decomposition each tank are heated by hot air . Tarry or waxy substance in the condenser condensing high- lighted after separation required to return to the tank and then decomposed by heating decomposed into low molecular weight substances. Lows components separated into steam in the condenser condensate and non- condensable gas , condensate and then through the oil-water separator separating recyclable oils. This oil is a low viscosity , high heat , freezing point at zero degrees Celsius , but the ignition wide , low ignition point , is a high quality fuel oil, used when it is best to remove the low ignition components . Non-condensable gaseous hydrogen chloride compound out through the absorber can be used for fuel. The recovered oil and gas can be used as part of the energy of the hot air heating tank . Developed at the University of Hamburg, Germany fluidized bed pyrolysis of waste plastic fuel reactors. The outflow of waste plastics from the hopper by the screw conveyor into the electric feeder reactor , wherein the fluidized bed depth of about 20M . 50L liquefaction heat needed per hour , the pyrolysis gas in the electrostatic precipitator dust, and then liquefied in the depth portion of the cooler without the condensed liquefied gas can be used as medium and then returned to the reactor . University of Kentucky classes fuel chemist zeolites such as with the invention of the plastic into the procatalyst for mixing the sand bath and then this slurry was poured into the reaction vessel , the hydrogenation pressure and finally heating the resulting polymer plastic fuel into high-quality method . These three foreign representative waste plastic oil apparatus , in the production process of waste treatment can achieve both environmental requirements of their respective countries , but investment in 20 million yuan or more, daily output of only 5 tons of fuel oil, can not be promotion , does not have commercial value . Chinese mainland currently used in waste plastic oil apparatus mainly vertical fixed host processor, the process is as follows : First, from the pyrolysis of waste plastics processors artificial join the top , followed by closure of the inlet , and then begin the end of coal or firewood processor a fuel slowly heated , pyrolysis processors typically have a volume of 5 m3 , feeding 1 ton to 12 hours generally had finished a furnace . After the stop 12 hours. Such as processor temperature was sufficiently lowered , open the processor under the Ministry of subordinates slag taphole , starting from the processor inlet feed into the next cycle. Vertical processor domestic refining equipment in the production process of the waste treatment can not meet environmental requirements, and the yield is low , does not have a continuous production capacity, would have cost processors require multiple refining joint production . Our various research , based on the weaknesses, based on reality, starting from the actual conditions , after years of scientific and technological research , design launched the " Golden Huadu long series of unique refining equipment ." 
Second, the latest series of several major feature of the device ( with JJ-2 type, for example ) one , each device consists of 10 components: 1.1 raw material pretreatment device: 1.2 rapid feed device : 1.3 rotary cracker ; 1.4 automatic safety and environmental protection slag system : 1.5 oil vapor cyclone device: 1.6 rapid cooling system ; 1.7 exhaust gas purification recycling combustion system : 1.8 Total heat to the system : 1.9 environmental heat removal system : 1.10 , the central electronic control system 2 , the first domestic : 2.1 complete installation of the production process is smokeless, odorless environment run , with excellent safety and environmental protection. 2.2 supporting the decompression device , through the deep processing of oil , oil products can greatly enhance the added value Vice degree . 2.3 In its key Cracking processor design, completely overcome the current domestic vertical flat bottom partial cleavage processor uneven heating , easy to break , low output , short life so unfavorable factors , the host with horizontal 360 degree rotation structure , 0.4 rev / min . 2.4 with fast and practical feeding and mucking system . JJ-9 -type feed rate per 24 hours most highest volume reached 20 tons . 2.5 efficient gas heating system. In the refining process, when heated gas reaches 150 ℃ , it will not produce a large number of temperature and pressure liquefied gas - methane to ethane. 2.6 using my company 's latest technology , continuous uninterrupted production . 2.7 using our latest technology, the entire cracking and oil collection systems to produce fuel oil , oil of good quality , oil yield advantages. 3 , the company promised : The company sold various series of devices with a perfect service , one year warranty and lifetime maintenance , completely solve the customer's worries. 
Third, products and raw materials markets as the world economy by leaps and bounds , the oil shortage momentum growing since the 1990s energy has become a major constraint factor in economic development of countries , has proven oil on the global land mine after fifteen years END ! To seek new sources of energy has become the world concern. Our vast territory , large population, the rapid development of the market economy , vehicles, machinery popularity , oil demand continues to increase , our country has oil exporter to oil importer. Second half of 2010 , according to information released by the China Petrochemical Group , apart from the domestic production of crude oil , the need to import eight thousand barrels of crude oil in order to meet domestic market demand. Into 2010 , the international crude oil prices rose again , a barrel of crude oil has exceeded $ 100 / barrel ( OPEC February 2011 quote ) . So whether refining feedstock sources to ensure it ? Such as Henan , annually from the garbage and recycling company recycling 4,000,000 tons of waste plastics . The development of industry and transportation , is also urgently deal with a lot of oil . Case of Mainland China , according to a mid- county statistics, the annual consumption of fertilizer , phosphate fertilizer, cement and other bags, various colors of plastic film , snack , foam packaging board, a variety of food packaging films, bottles, boxes, each kinds of rubber , plastics , waste oil , and its total of about 12,000 tons or more, a county to establish four year deal with 1500 tons of waste plastic refinery feedstock is no need to worry about . 
Fourth, the main technical characteristics of one of the outcomes of key equipment cracking processor adopts horizontal rotating structure , and this structure compared to the old-fashioned equipment : new equipment, fuel is fuel oil, fuel oil combustion residues generated can be achieved global emission standards for each country in any one country can be assured. 2 , the new device is the use of indirect heating method heating . The advantage of this method is : ①, problems arise when the system , turn off the fan, you can cut off the heating source is fast , in order to ensure system security. ②, heat exchange equipment from the old-fashioned 5-7 times higher thermal efficiency . ③, greatly extending the life of the main equipment , the old equipment is 2-3 times . 3, the device modeling: elegant, economical and practical. 4, the catalytic pyrolysis process and product chemical extraction techniques . 5, equipped with environmental protection equipment more perfect . Such as gas burners and flue dust chamber . 6 , the equipment design reasonable , advanced manufacturing technology , high degree of automation , safety facilities. 
Fifth, a raw material for the refining processor , industrial waste plastic that allows multiple simultaneous but recommended in waste PE> 70%, PVC <10%. 2, waste oils. For example : waste engine oil, waste oil, waste diesel , etc. 3 , rubber tires. 4 , waste oil . 5 , waste cable skin ( recommended first dechlorination treatment and then refining ) . 6 , waste PMMA ( polymethyl methacrylate ) VI scrap tires into the crushing process into the negative pressure pre- processor in order uninterrupted cracking , catalytic heating distillate oil vapor , via light oil , heavy separation devices , light components into the condenser , while ash uninterrupted automatically discharged , can be liquefied portion of the tire oil condensate , non- liquefied gas purification system in part through the combustion heating system input . Intermediate tank rapid condensation system heavies cyclone separator tank pretreatment device fast feeding device rotating cracker fractionation severity exhaust gas purification processor automatically positions ash heating device 7, security main equipment safety. In the production process, the main component of the exhaust gas can not be liquefied is a C1 to C4 alkanes , direct burning is dangerous. Our current production process, it is burned as fuel , first to make it through the first safety device seal, and then passed through a second safety device gas nozzle , so that it can fully meet production safety . Eight , environmental protection ( waste during the production process ) an exhaust gas through two safety device nozzle seal and gas combustion , which eliminates the air pollution, but also saves a lot of fuel : soot emissions are sprayed with water impact leaching desulfurization dust , soot emissions can be achieved GB13271-2001 boiler air pollutant emission standards . 2, the waste oil in the process , will produce some acidic wastewater ( each ton of oil will produce about 50 kg waste , the amount is small, easy to handle ) . Reduced by the addition of a weak solution and after the neutral wastewater through three filters , to harmless discharged into special evaporation processor ( its heat of the flue of main processor heat ) to evaporate. 3, the solid waste by the catalytic pyrolysis of waste plastics , there will be some solid residues , about 5% by weight of waste plastics to about 10% . Its main component is a coarse carbon black. Can be used as raw material for the production of industrial carbon black , and can also coal as raw material mixing fly ash produced by thermal power plants , as the manufacture of fly ash bricks ( an environmentally friendly building materials ) of raw materials. Nine , an economic analysis , equipment technical parameters No. Item Contents 1 Equipment Model JJ-2 type JJ-5 type JJ-8 type 2 raw waste plastics waste plastics waste plastics 3 Structure Horizontal rotation Horizontal rotation Horizontal rotation 424 hours handling capacity 4 tons 6 tons of raw materials 10 tons of raw materials raw materials 524 hours fuel oil production 2 tons 3 tons 5 tons of fuel oil fuel oil 6 working pressure atmospheric pressure atmospheric 7 host speed 0.4 r / min 0.4 rev / min 0.4 rpm / 5 with power 3.0KW3.0KW5.5KW 9 cooling Shui Shui cold cold cold 10 cooling consumption (T / h) 2.52.56 11 transmission gear inside the gear inside the inner gear 12 heating hot hot hot 13 installation methods are based on a foundation with foundation 14 Noise dB (A) ≤ 85 ≤ 85 ≤ 85 15 host Dimension ( L × W ) 4500 × 22006000 × 22006000 × 2800 16 forms of work intermittent operation intermittent operation intermittent operation 17 hosts weight (kg) 5000700010000 18 device installation period 20 days 20 days 20 days 2 , 450 square meters production space , including 70 square meters of asbestos simple factory shed , storage materials and auxiliary area of ​​300 square meters. 3 , the cost of production ( raw materials to waste garbage , for example, devices to JJ-2 as an example ) JJ-2 economic analysis a, raw material costs : 1500 yuan = 5 t * 300 yuan / ton, b, fuel cost : 240 yuan = 300 kg * 800 yuan / ton c, utilities cost : 180 yuan = 9 kilowatts * 20 hours * 1 yuan / kWh . d, wages : 200 yuan = 4 * 50 yuan / person e, equipment depreciation fee: 50 yuan / Day f, taxes: ( Note ) environmental projects exemption g, other expenses : 50 yuan / day Total : 2220.00 yuan produce alternative fuel No. 0 diesel fuel nozzle in industrial heating use . Production of fuel oil in 4000 yuan / ton . JJ-2 type , the daily turnover of 4000 * 2.5 t = 10000.00 yuan daily profit 10000.00 yuan / day -2220.00 yuan / day = 7780.00 yuan / day monthly profit 7780.00 yuan / day * 25 days = 194,500 yuan annual profit ( calculated by ten months ) 1.945 million yuan investment recovery calculation X. payback calculation monthly profit 194,500 yuan , equipment into the plant after 50 working days of being put into operation , the normal production of short- recyclable entire investment. XI Conclusion Based on the above analysis calculations show that : the use of waste plastics oil refining "turning waste into treasure , the country " , technically advanced and feasible , less investment, raw materials and more, fast convergence , good prospects . The best choice is to invest and set up factories .

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