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Carbon Black and tire oil extraction from rubber tires Feasibility Analysis Report

Carbon Black and tire oil  extraction from rubber tires  Feasibility Analysis Report
A . Project development and significance of the historical background of the modern society , on the one hand the rubber industry to flourish rubber products are widely used in various industries , partly because the rubber does not readily decompose waste products has become increasingly a major environmental health hazard , had been termed black pollution. Compared with developed countries , to deal with this pollution, my door is also a certain lack of state funding and marketing experience is a big problem . At present , China's annual round table ranks third in the world . To more than 130 million , scrap tires generated annually more than 65 million and an annual double-digit growth rate. 70% of used tires resources are not recycled. Waste bias tire recycling rates nor to half. China's rubber resources are very scarce, rubber raw materials are mainly imported. Therefore, to strengthen the management of waste tire recycling has become essential. Rubber waste easiest way to cope is the manufacture of rubber powder and oil refining . Recycled rubber powder production because production costs are high . Sales channel is narrow. Production of rubber products such as the use of long runways and other negative reasons, restricting the further development of this project . Postage due to good sales and the cash flow quickly. High profits has attracted worldwide attention. Such as the current average price of domestic recycling of waste tires is 1500 yuan / ton, waste tire oil yield is 45% plus fuel , labor and other production costs of water and electricity . Tire oil per ton cost is 2800 yuan / ton , while the tire oil market price is now 4,500 yuan / ton. Chinese mainland currently used tires oil apparatus mainly vertical fixed host processor, the process is as follows : First, from waste tires pyrolysis top of the processor artificial added , followed by closure of the inlet . The processor then begins with the bottom left of the tire refining residue , coal or wood as fuel slowly heated . Cracking processors typically five cubic meters of volume , feeding 1 ton to 12 hours generally had finished a furnace . After the stop 12 hours. Such as processor temperature was sufficiently lowered . Open the processor underground portion of slag taphole . Start from the processor inlet feed into the next cycle. Vertical tires oil refining equipment of domestic processors . In the production process of the waste treatment requirements of environmental protection can not be hit , and the yield is low , does not have the ability of continuous production . Want to have economic need multiple processors refining joint production . We Hangzhou Institute of Biomedical Engineering team of experts , in cooperation on the basis of various studies , weaknesses, based on reality, starting from the actual situation , been to many years of scientific and technological research , design launched the " Golden Huadu long series of unique carbon black and tire tire oil extraction equipment . "
Second, the latest series of several major feature of the device ( to JJ-2 type, for example ) one , for the integrated treatment of waste rubber tires do , you can also produce carbon black and tire oil two products. 2 , each device consists of seven parts : a. Horizontal rotary cracking host processor . b. feed system c. automatically slag system d. central electronic control system e. condensing system f gas heating system ( exhaust gas treatment system ) g. flue dust removal system. 3 , a national initiative : a. Complete installation of the production process is run in a closed state , the environmental effect . b. supporting the decompression device , through the deep processing of oil , can greatly improve the added value of oil . c. cracking unit at its critical processor design, completely overcome the current domestic vertical flat bottom partial cleavage processor uneven heating , easy to break , low output , the use of negative factors such as short- ordered . Host structure with horizontal 360 degree rotation , 0.4 rev / min . d. flue dust removal system. With bidirectional water impact type cyclone dust chamber , ensuring the discharge of flue outlet to the national emission standards. 4 , the company promised : The company sold various series of devices with a perfect service , one year warranty and lifetime maintenance , completely solve the customer's worries.
Third, products and raw materials markets as the world economy by leaps and bounds , the rubber market demand for carbon black is also increasing , in many rubber products , the cheapest market price of N330 carbon black at least 2600 yuan / ton, while our rotary reaction processor production of carbon black , can be used as fuel at , but also can be used as raw material for the production of carbon black N330 , market demand and broad prospects. With the growing momentum of market shortage , Into the nineties . Energy has become a constraining factor in the economic development of the principal , has proven global oil on land, fifteen years after mining finished, looking for energy has become a worldwide concern. Our vast territory , large population . With the rapid development of market economy , the popularity of the vehicle machinery , oil demand in constant growth , China's oil-exporting countries has become oil-importing countries . First half of 2010 , according to information released by the China Petrochemical Corporation , China's domestic production of crude oil in addition , the need to import eight thousand barrels of crude oil in order to meet domestic market demand. Into 2010 , the international crude oil prices on the rise, with a barrel of crude oil has exceeded $ 100 / barrel ( OPEC February 2011 quote ) . So whether refining feedstock sources to ensure it ? Currently . Our annual round table ranks third in the world . To more than 10.3 billion , scrap tires generated annually more than 65 million and an annual double-digit growth rate. Therefore, each county to build a processing 65,000 tires a year of carbon black and tire oil extraction plant , the raw material is no need to worry about .
Fourth, the main technical characteristics of one of the outcomes of key equipment cracking processor adopts horizontal rotating structure , catalytic pyrolysis process and product chemical extraction techniques . 2 , equipped with environmental protection equipment more perfect . Such as waste burner and flue dust chamber . 3 , the equipment design is reasonable, advanced manufacturing technology, safety facilities. 4 , widely used, a multi-purpose machine .
Five , rotary reaction processors and industry an applicable product , industrial waste plastic , which allows a variety of waste materials exist ( but recommended PE> 70%. PVC <10%. 2, waste oil , such as : waste engine oil, waste oil, waste diesel , etc. 3 , rubber tires. 4 , waste cable skin ( recommended first dechlorination treatment and then refining ) 5 , waste oil . 6 , waste PNNA ( polymethyl methacrylate ) regeneration.
Six , process the waste tire pyrolysis atmospheric pressure directly into the rotary processor , catalytic heating distillate oil vapor , oil and gas through the condenser , can be liquefied portion of the tire condensate oil, liquefied part through the gas system can not pass into the handle 's bottom burned. After the end of each furnace . After cooling the carbon black from the slag taphole automatically . Horizontal rotary processor on the feeder gas gun dust dust cloud of dust channel blower vacuum condenser air bag gas tanks Shui Feng turn distillation tank cleaning
Seven , security principal equipment safety . In the production process, the main component of the exhaust gas can not be liquefied is a C1 to C4 alkanes , direct burning is dangerous. Our current production process, before it is burned as fuel . First, make it through the first safety device seal, and then passed through a second safety device gas nozzles. So thoroughly to achieve safety in production.
Eight , environmental protection and waste during the production process .
1, the exhaust gas passes through two safety devices Shui sealed combustion and gas nozzle , which eliminates the air pollution . But also saves a lot of fuel : soot emissions using zaoqiang ZTC series desulfurization dust , soot emissions can be achieved GB13271 --- 2001 standards
2 , waste oil treatment process, will produce some acidic waste Shui ( each ton of oil will produce about 50 kg water , a small amount . Easy to handle ) . Reduced by the addition of a weak solution and discharged into special evaporation processor ( its heat of the flue of main processor heat ) to evaporate.
3 , solid waste tires by catalytic cracking , the remaining residue is carbon black. There is no waste of the cured product.
Nine , an economic analysis , technical parameters of a device , equipment, technical parameters No. Item Contents 1 Equipment Model JJ-2 type JJ-5 type JJ-8 type 2 devices Price Negotiable Negotiable Negotiable 3 raw rubber rubber rubber 4 structure horizontal rotation horizontal rotation horizontal rotation 524 hours processing capacity of 4 tons 8 tons raw materials 18 tons of raw materials 624 hours fuel oil production 1.8 tons 8.1 tons 3.6 tons of fuel oil fuel oil 7 , working pressure atmospheric pressure atmospheric 8 host speed 0.4 r / min 0.4 rev / min 0.4 rev / min 9 equipped with power 3.0KW3.0KW5.5KW 10 11 cooling water Water Water cooling Shui consumption (T / h) 2.52.56 12 transmission gear internal gear inside drive gear 13 within the heating direct Direct Direct 14 installation methods are based on a foundation with foundation 15 noise dB (A) ≤ 85 ≤ 85 ≤ 85 16 host Dimensions ( L × W ) 4500 × 22006000 × 22006000 × 2800 17 work form of intermittent operation intermittent operation intermittent operation 18 weight (kg) 5000700010000 19 production cycle of 20 days 20 days 20 days 2 , site 450 square meters, including 70 meters of asbestos simple factory shed , storage materials and auxiliary area of ​​300 square meters. 3 day, the cost of production of raw materials to scrap tires, for example , equipment to JJ-2 as an example : JJ-2 -type economic analysis a. material: waste tires 4 t * 1500.00 yuan / ton = 4000.00 yuan b. fuel : Available black used as a fuel = $ 0 = $ 0 as a fuel gas c. Hydropower : 9 kilowatts * 20 hours * 0.60 yuan / kWh = 108.00 yuan d. workers' wages 6 persons * 30.00 yuan / person = 180.00 yuan f. equipment 150.00 yuan g city ​​tax ( Note ) environmental projects exempt h. additional 50.00 i. Total 4488.00 yuan 4 , the daily turnover ( to JJ-2 type equipment meter ) JJ-2 type equipment Nissan black 4 t * 45 % = ( 1.8 t - 0.5 tons for heating ) * 400.00 yuan / ton = 520.00 yuan tire oil 4 t * 45 % = 1.8 t * 3800.00 yuan / ton = 6840.00 yuan 5 , gross profit margin = daily turnover - daily cost = 520.00 yuan +6840.00 RMB yuan = 2872.00 yuan -4488.00 2870.00 yuan monthly profit / day * 25 days = 77,180 yuan annual profit ( calculated by ten months ) 771,800 yuan
Ten , investment playback of 138,000 yuan computing equipment investment ( excluding capital and construction costs flow ) profit 77,180 yuan per month , equipment into the plant after 30 working days of being put into operation , the normal production of short- recyclable entire investment. XI Conclusion Based on the above analysis calculations show that : the use of waste tires extract carbon black and tire oil " turning waste into treasure , the country ." Technically advanced and feasible , less investment, raw materials and more effective fast, prospects, is the best choice for investment in enterprises

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