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RESEM Clients Over the world

RESEM Clients Over the world 

Ruixin Environmental Speciality Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. (RESEM)

Ruixin Environmental Specialty Manufacturing Co. Ltd. is a Sino-American joint venture, which was established at the beginning of 2010.

RESEM is an advanced  technology, "green" manufacturing enterprise. Its technology and manufacturing processes enable highly profitable conversion of waste rubber,plastic and other industrial waste into valuable recovered materials, and energy. 


Competitive Advantage

RESEM  offers a complete environmentally friendly recycling platform.  We offer customized systems for our customers that provide waste processing capcity from 10 to 100 tons per day in 10 ton per day increments.  RESEM can also provide oil distillation and carbon processing systems that increase the value of the recovered raw materials for resale.  And, RESEM offers project management, construction and start-up commissioning support services to our customers.

RESEM's technology reclaims a premier class of carbon char at a cost advantage versus "virgin"carbon black produced using conventional methods. TheRESEM System, thus, provides diversity in applicabilityto solving the world's waste problemsas well as providing diversity which makes the oil and carbon char ideal for a wide variety of applications.


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