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Rruixin the innovator for organic solid waste pyrolysis plant

1.RESEM GENERAL : The Gold Digger In Organic Solid Waste Area use pyrolysis plant
Shangqiu Ruixin (RESEM) General Equipment Co. , Ltd 
We are using mature and perfect organic pyrolysis technology and environmental-Fridenly product ,to get a major breakthrough of living waste and organic wastes change to new renewable energy. Then we are be the leader  in the pyrolysis industry .
product purpose:
Fuel Oil: As fuel, this oil is widely used in steelworks,creamics factory,and etc.,also this oil still can used in heavy oil generator, to give power for heavy oil generator.
steel wire:The content of the tire is 12-15%,steel wire can sale or make process.
carbon black:The carbon black is very widely application, it can used in industrial carbon black ,color black and etc..
product description:
Full open door type biomass plant can pyrolysis any waste to steel, biomass oil, and carbon.This plant is One-piece design , don't need base under the ground,easy to install,with the new design of gas cooling down system,clarification system,to let the machine easy to get European Standard.


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